1/700 T34/85 - (x5) 3D Printed - Berlin 1945!

The T-34 Medium Tank is by far the most famous Soviet weapon of the Great Patriotic War and has become a symbol of the Red Army’s desperate struggle against the Germans in that conflict. The T-34/85 was the main Soviet tank in the last year of the Second World War and was the only significantly improved version of the basic T-34 to enter production during the war. A new, larger turret and the 85mm gun (upgraded from its predecessor’s 76mm) were the only important changes introduced with the T-34/85 model. The hull, armor and suspension were all the same as on the T-34/76, meaning that the T-34/85 was just as vulnerable to German 88mm guns as the earlier version had been. Therefore T-34/85 was at best a partial solution to the problems facing the Red Army after the appearance of more powerful German tanks such as the Panther and Tiger I. Clearly the new 88mm gun was capable of damaging the German tanks but the 45mm armor of the T-34 was now painfully vulnerable. While still a potent weapon given the right circumstances, the Red Army lost four times as many tanks as the Germans in 1944. Only in 1945, as the German army finally collapsed, did this situation finally improve. The T-34/85 had a long post-war career, serving with at least 39 countries, 27 of which still had some in service as late as 1966. In the end, the T-34 was the most produced tank of all time with over 84,000 of both the T-34/76 and T-34/85 built including 48,950 of the latter.

While photography of these little gems is a challenge for our equipment and limited skills, check out the well proportioned model including the positionable turret with crew hatches and 85mm gun; the main body with sloped armor, detailed chassis and even a tiny machine gun!

Although the surfaces are not perfectly smooth (3D printing is done in layers), the plastic used can be sanded and painted much the same way you would handle resin or styrene.

NOTE: While we currently maintain limited inventories of most items, some items may be "printed on demand", which usually requires 10-15 business days from order to shipment.

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